Enhance storytelling skills in multi-media journalism

Even with the changing media landscape, there will always be a need for storytellers–people who know the right questions to ask, can gather the facts, and communicate the heart of the issue. This is the work of a reporter. Successful journalists of today tell stories across a variety of platforms, using not only old-fashioned pens and notepads, but also headphones, audio recorders, video cameras and the editing software. At WJI, our students emerge with their reporter’s toolbox full. College Course students learn together the first week then are split into one of three groups for the second week for more targeted training: digital writing, feature writing, and broadcast for audio or video.

From practicing professionals

At WJI, you are surrounded by professionals who have spent time in the trenches of journalism reporting both locally and internationally. They are dedicated to equipping you to thrive in the media world. Through workshops, field reporting, and one-on-one editing they will help you strengthen your ability to report on society in truth and love with a Biblical foundation.

Who can provide job connections

You’ll complete WJI with work to show potential employers, and connections to professionals and peers in the field. You’ll also likely have your name on a byline on one of WORLD’s platforms. WJI equips Christian journalists to be mission-ready, whether they’re exploring journalism or well on their way to being professionals in the field. The journey from the classroom to the newsroom starts here. We will show you how to work on the front lines of reporting where you can get paid to write the first draft of history.

While building lasting friendships with peers who share a passion for reporting and a love of Christ

Learning happens in community. Students tell us the fellowship they find at WJI is like no other. Attendees from different backgrounds all gather to steward the gift of telling a story, hone the skill of reporting, and pursue the same professional calling with a foundation of Biblical faith. Deep bonds form as students form deep bonds as they’re pushed out of their comfort zones to do an interview or keep each other awake until the midnight writer’s deadline. WJI Network, the alumni community, also provides a space for continued professional development, professional connection, and Christian fellowship.

To be people who are salt and light in a culture that has forsaken Biblical truth

Since the summer of 1999, WJI has been equipping students to conduct journalism from a Christian worldview. Journalism is a high calling. But it is also a ministry to the world for two reasons. It calls the powerful accountable and is a voice of the voiceless. At WJI’s summer program, you learn how to use your writing gift for God’s glory.

And all of this is provided at little cost to you

Thanks to donor-funded scholarships, WJI can cover the full cost of tuition, housing, and most meals for accepted applicants. All you need to cover is the transportation costs to and from the Institute, some standard equipment, and breakfasts.