Located in Sioux Center, Iowa, on the edge of the Great Plains, Dordt University is a Christian university dedicated to preparing students for service in Christ's kingdom. Its excellence is evident in what others have to say: The Wall Street Journal has named Dordt the number one school in the nation for student engagement for six years in a row. Among institutions in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Dordt University ranks second. It was also the highest-ranked university in Iowa, according to the “Regional Universities (Midwest)” ranking released by 2022-23 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges.

Dordt University Vice President for University Operations, Howard Wilson said Dordt and WJI go hand in hand because of both organizations’ emphasis on the role of faith in the exploration of truth.

“We resonate with WORLD Magazine’s vision for preparing young Christian journalists to serve in the media,” Wilson said. “We believe it is important for members of the press to do their work through a Christian worldview, like all other areas of study and callings.”

Dordt's campus accommodates everything students need for the course, and the surrounding area offers fun places to explore. Students stay in the dorms that border the school’s colorful prairie, learn in state-of-the-art classrooms in the Science and Technology building, use the computer labs equipped with Adobe Premiere software, eat most meals in the cafeteria, have access to the gym facilities, and can explore the town of Sioux Center or grab a bite to eat with friends at a coffee shop or bakery on Main Street.

To learn more about Dordt and see pictures of its campus go to Dordt.edu.