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Asking the Hard Questions: Friday, May 31, 2024

By McAuley from Gillespie Academy

Friday morning was my last day at the World Journalism Institute. The program has been eye-opening and a blessing from God. Before coming here, I hadn't interacted with other journalists my age, especially Christian journalists. Being here opened my eyes, particularly to the patience Christian journalists have. It's been an encouragement to be here as it's taught me patience and made me more aware of God's patience with me.

After waking up, I got started writing some articles and was able to get them edited, which was a blessing. During this time, a friend lost her phone, and I wanted to help, having lost mine before and knowing it's no fun. After much effort, we couldn't find it, but upon asking God if it was His will to help me locate it, I found it in another room. This amazed me – that God will answer even the simplest of prayers in His time.

I enjoy praying to God and talking to Him, though it can be interesting. He uses the world around us to push us closer to Him, and I'm thankful for that.

Yesterday was the last day, and I'm still processing it. I have no idea what God's plan is for me after this program. I have desires, but I often struggle with whether they align with God's desires for me. Does He want me in journalism, business management, missions, ministry, music, writing, or filmmaking? I ask myself these questions a lot, and this program has really driven these questions home. As journalists, we ask a lot of questions, and sometimes we need to ask ourselves the hard ones and find the answers. But I know there will be a day when these answers will be found and God will reveal His way.

Even though I'm nervous, I'm excited to go back home to Canada, to my church family, family, and friends, and share all the amazing things this program offered me. I'm hopeful God will make His way clear.