24 05

Holding to the Vision of Potential

I’ve wanted to be on television news since the age of 12. Here at WJI in pursuit of that goal, I gained significant hands-on experience. Through this I have had to tackle learning curves. In all honesty, it is daunting to have dreamt of something for so long, only to wonder if the challenges can be overcome.

This is a roundabout way of explaining why Wednesday morning’s lessons were so important to me. What I took away from it most was something our professor Paul Butler taught me. He explained that as young journalists we should not be so hard on ourselves that we do not enjoy what we do. He advised us to believe in the vision of potential, but not to wait for perfection to find happiness.

In regards to the practical lessons I learned that morning, Butler taught us a series of voice exercises which thoroughly impressed me. To give a bit of gold for free, the most helpful practice was sticking out our tongues while we read a script. Try it and see how your articulators are warmed up and stretched! Along with this, we learned how emphasizing phrases and changing the pitch of our voice can tell a story.

The professors and professionals were willing to answer every question. These subjects ranged from hand placement on camera, to what to wear, and what not to wear. Learning these easy but not always known concepts, my fears of the unknown were fed peace. Adding to my confidence was feedback given to me by World journalist, Myrna Brown. After watching my on camera stand up she said I had the kind of smile that warms up a room. This simple compliment affirmed my capacity to do broadcast news and it reminded me why I do journalism.

Throughout my time here, I have also received plenty of constructive feedback too, However, to my usually overly sensitive self, these critiques have never felt personal. I enjoy our feedback sessions. I find myself laughing at the editor’s roasts. Ultimately in this past week, I have gained enough security that I can say I look forward to the challenges I’ll face in week two.

-Morgan Faranov