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WJI Blog 2022, June 2 AM - Enjoying the Moment

The Dordt University Media Lab was filled with WJI students this morning, but the room was quiet. Everyone’s eyes were focused on their monitors and their ears were covered with headphones. Occasionally, I overheard a student discussing their news story with an instructor. We’re all scrambling to get our broadcast projects done as the week wraps up.

We’re taking our assignments seriously…well, as seriously as we can.

Lauren is behind me editing video of a baby cow rubbing her leg. Michaela’s reviewing the stand-up she filmed in a bathroom stall. I’ve spent the last hour watching videos of domino chain reactions.

I sat back in my chair and laughed to myself. Journalists have the coolest job! We can do the wackiest things and call it work. Journalism is the field of work that can explore all other fields. We can be curious and creative and cover all sorts of news topics. And in the process, gain all kinds of life experiences.

Lauren wouldn’t have played with the little calf if she wasn’t working on a story about GPS collars for cow. If not for her story on the uses of human waste in energy and fertilizer, Michaela would have missed her once in a lifetime chance to play with manure (ok, so maybe that’s an experience she could have passed on). I learned something about the world of dominos because I wrote a podcast profile about two domino artists.

Journalism can be stressful. It’s a lot of work. It’s also important work. We are truth-tellers shining a light on the dark alleys of the world. We cover stories about church conflicts, pro-life clinics, and education policies.

But we can also tell fun stories. We don’t always have to take ourselves so seriously. Sometimes we need to just sit back and enjoy the opportunities our line of work gives us.

- Anna Allen