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Preparing for the Week through Sunday Rest and Worship: May 19, 2024

Annie Lauderback from Christopher Newport College

Returning from Lee’s extensive scavenger hunt around Sioux Center, WJI students were able to relax a bit. A lot of us hung out in Covenant hall’s lobby, laughing about our frantic scavenging experiences. In preparation for tomorrow morning’s mock press conference, students began reviewing the court case and drafting questions to ask the legal counsels. Or, simply doing anything other than thinking about academics and deadlines. When students returned from a quick Walmart run, we made the trek from Covenant to Commons for dinner.

Lee, undefeated scavenger hunt champion for the last four years, accompanied by his teammates and kids, Lila and Will, distributed prizes to the teams. To the sound of ‘We are the Champions,’ the three held their miniature gold trophies high and proud, before raining the crowd with candy and plastic trinkets in celebration. Pocketing handfuls of strewn candy, we laughed our way over to the Kuyper Center for worship night.

Taking the time for worship and reflection on Christ was beautiful and much needed for many of us. Several students passed around guitars, strumming simple chords while the rest of us poured our hearts into song and harmonies. Putting our thanksgiving into words really showed how much being involved in this program means to us. The atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving released so many of our worries and the stress of deadlines and showed the importance of fixing your gaze on Christ in all things.

We finally walked over to watch Spotlight, a movie about investigative reporting which helped us learn the in-depth aspect of journalism and how to ask the hard questions to uncover hard truths. Passing around popcorn and M&M’s, we discussed the intensity involved in certain issues and how to best approach controversial and sensitive topics, while also always pursuing the truth. Walking back to Covenant with heavy eyes, we looked toward the busyness of the week ahead, thankful for our day of rest.