WJI 2018 Blog Day 12, PM: Learning to Breathe
30 05

WJI 2018 Blog Day 12, PM: Learning to Breathe

In comparison to the busy days of the last week and a half, today was relatively calm, give or take a few frustrating moments. WJI students were given the entire day to gather information for their designated areas of media. However, the radio teams seemed to be riddled with bad luck.

MaryRachel and Chad woke up at an unearthly hour of the morning to travel to the nearest Starbucks, where they hoped to learn more about the company’s recent racial bias training. They were turned away. In addition, my partner and I were also thrown a curveball when our scheduled interview fell through. We turned to Nick Eicher in our desperation and with his help, pieced together a new story idea.

Following the mounds of roasted potatoes, pork chops, and well seasoned asparagus, we darted to the digital media lab to continue editing our videos and photos. As we approach the deadlines for both projects, it’s a common sight to see many WJI students slaving away well into the dead of night. Audio, video, synchronization, volume! There is just so much to consider in the world of videography, but the experience has been nothing short of thrilling.

Around 8:30, we took a “study” break and gathered around a stone fire pit for some classic S’mores. We learned that according to Lee Pitts, marshmallow roasting is a science, not an art. We were also given the opportunity to ask him questions, some silly and some serious. Overall, the tasty treats and relaxed atmosphere reminded us to breathe after a frustrating day. Just breathe.