WJI 2018, Blog Day 13: Reminisce
31 05

WJI 2018, Blog Day 13: Reminisce

Things are winding down. The last few days of WJI have been comprised of us working on various final projects. I spent the morning working with several other students in the computer lab.

When noon rolled around a couple of us stole *cough* asked permission before using *cough* a van and drove to a popular local Mexican restaurant. Cue delicious chimichangas and taco salads covered in queso. The company wasn’t bad either, and we had fun swapping stories over good food.

Then, it was right back to work—editing, interviewing, writing, recording, and even more editing. Nick Eicher and Mark Volkers (our radio and videography gurus) walked around every once in a while to check up on our progress and help with any questions or problems.

At around five, most of us started trickling over to a summer celebration event at a nearby park. While there, we enjoyed some free burgers and ice cream alongside a good chunk of Sioux Center.

After dinner, we gathered together in a large classroom to watch slideshows of our photography projects. It was cool to see everybody’s photography and the different stories they put together.

Now, it’s getting fairly late. I know that there are still WJI students in the computer lab working hard on their various projects. I’ve heard several are planning on rising early to get right back at it.

Tomorrow is the last day of WJI and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.