27 05

WJI 2021, Day 8 AM - The Roundabout Way

After a week of starting the day at 9 am sharp, it was nice to have more of a relaxed start to our second Saturday at WJI. Caleb and I left the dorm just before 10 am to head into Sioux Center for our morning interview at a local bike shop.

We got a bit lost on our way there, so we ended up taking a roundabout way and arriving at around 10:30. At that point, Brother’s Bicycle was already full of customers. Most of them were families coming in with their own bikes that needed to be fixed. The owner, Nathan Nycamp, had his hands full.

Caleb and I hung around the shop, observing the equipment, decor and bike repair and taking notes, photos and recordings. Caleb interviewed the only employee, a seventeen-year-old high schooler named Levi. During the brief customer-free breaks we took the opportunity to interview Mr. Nycamp. I had a quick lunch of sandwich and chips right outside the doorway of the shop at eleven.

Around noon, Caleb and I went to La Rancherita Taco Shop to grab a bite of Mexican food. We ordered it to-go and ate it while walking to Mr. Nycamp’s house, where his wife runs her violin rental and repair business.

-Lauren Vanden Bosch